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Messages are components used to configure the virtual agent's replies.


Messages contain a text that will be used as the main response. If the channel is callcenter the text will be vocalized.

Each message can also have a media url that will be sent together with the text. Configure the media url in the bottom right corner of each text variant.

You can create multiple text variants from which the agent will select a random one by pressing the "Add new" button.

To insert user session data like extracted entities in a message use the syntax {{<entity name>}}. E.g. "Salut Template:Nume!"

For text based channels the agent will also send a list of suggestion that will be displayed above the keyboard. Message3.png

The action list is useful for the call center client and other custom clients. By example when implementing a native app custom client using the API integration you can send custom actions to the client that can trigger certain business logic, like turning on the flash.

For callcenter integrations there are three supported actions:

  • Stop
  • Redirect:<phone_number>
  • Hold
  • keyboard-input:<number of characters>
  • only-keyboard-input:<number of characters>
  • assign_to_wisevoice_crm / assign_to_zendesk_crm / assign_to_facebook

Other special syntax:

  • [pause:<float seconds>]

Other channel specific settings are available in the tab dedicated to that channel.

For example the Callcenter channel have extra settings for handling silences with no user input.

Checking the Template list checkbox will cause the suggestions to display vertically on facebook. Other message templates are coming soon.