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In order to use Wisevoice as a bot under your MS Teams account, settings and configuration must be applied in Wisevoice. Until this is done properly, a message containing "Inactive Teams Integration" will be displayed in the bot.

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Wisevoice bot for Microsoft Teams requires a valid subscription to Wisevoice, according to currently available plans.

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The steps below must be performed by a user with Admin privileges in Azure Portal and by a Wisevoice Administrator.

Configure Microsoft Teams integration

In Azure Portal go to Azure Active Directory and copy the Directory (tenant) ID.

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In Wisevoice Webapp, login and then create a new project and activate the Microsoft Teams integration. In the integration modal fill the input with the tenant id copied from Azure Active Directory and click "Verify and save".

Wisevoice tenant.png

Uers settings in Azure

Go to Azure portal again and click "User settings" on the left sidebar. Then click "Manage how end users launch and view their applications" under the "Enterprise applications" option. Check "Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to​" and then pick your current account to be the admin consent requests​ reviewer.

Enterprise app settings.png

Now you can add users in your organization this way: Azure Active Directory -> Users -> New user.

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The first user who uses the app will have to request admin consent, request which will appear at this path: Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise applications -> Admin consent requests.

Install app

Login to your Microsoft Teams app and go to Apps tab on the left sidebar. Search for "Chatbot by Wisevoice" and click the Add button.