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The Wisevoice Builder provides access to development of virtual conversational agents.

A project defines an individual virtual agent. The project configurations consists of two main areas:

  • Integration configurations
  • Dialog definition

Integration configurations

There are 3 types of integrations:

  • Communication channels, such as SIP Callcenter, Web Chat, Facebook, SMS, Telegram and API that can be consumed by custom clients
  • External services integrations, such as UiPath and API
  • Customer service integrations such as Zendesk or Salesforce

Dialog definition

There are two ways of defining a dialog:

  • The Q&A module offers a simple way of defining question and answer pairs. The content defined as Q&A is accessible to the chat user at any point in the conversation regardless of the context. (coming soon)
  • Conversation Flows are visual maps of dialog trees used to define more complex scenarios. A project can contain multiple conversation flows that are triggered in different situations.